Mens Rea

USA - 15 minutes
Director: Kreg Gilson
Writer: Amber Sue Greser, Molly Klee
Producer: Lindsay Trapnell, Alicia Mannino, Lisa Washington
Cinematography: Amber Sue Greser, Alicia Mannino
Editor: Ethan Rawlings
Sound Engineer: Michael Davis
Cast: Dedi Allen, Ethan Rawlings, Jayne Meehan, Lisa Washington, Mark Popejoy, Cody Augustus, Cheri Bloomingdale, Eric Dwight, Jason Nadeau, Mo Sedky, Michael “Porkchop” Davis, Nico Mannino, Tony Skelton

Marcus and Nia see and live life differently, their two worlds collide.  They take matters into in their hands trying to change things for the better; unfortunately these two are not on the same page.